The Dubai Mall

Revving up retail

The Dubai Mall was envisioned to revolutionise the concept of shopping malls with an astonishing multitude of retail, dining, leisure and entertainment attractions. It was successful in its bid to present an unparalleled enticement to shoppers and now boasts the construction of The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue expansion to welcome up to 100 million annual visitors to the shopping centre.

Middle East
800 Dubai Mall
Category Retail
Year 2008
Size 555,600sqm
Massive architectural domes characterising traditional architecture and atriums of varying scales permeate the building, layering the view of the interior space.
A sketch-up of The Dubai Mall at concept stage.

Local but global

To propel The Dubai Mall into an outstanding world-class destination catering to an array of epicurean tastes, the interior design of this megamall is conceptualised as the epitome of modernity and luxury. Inspiration is drawn from the local context, encapsulating the cultural essence of Dubai and UAE so that the visitor is anchored in the spirit of the place despite the extensive scale of the building. Aspects of local culture are featured throughout the spatial environment, from the exquisite details of motif and patterns adorning walls and ceilings, up to large-scale zoning that features culturally-designed settings such as “The Village” and “The Souk”.

Consequently, the interior design is not simply a consideration of a single floor but an articulation of space from level to level; with the shop frontage, flooring and ceiling designs all coming together in a balanced and cohesive language. Meanwhile, the juxtaposition of materials and textures in floor patterns and ceiling designs assist in shaping circulation around the vast and extensive layout

Ultimately, the elements of grandeur and cultural opulence are achieved in the spatial environment, celebrating the vitality of the local people and representing the splendour of contemporary Dubai.