Raffles Education Square

Where studying just got cooler

Comfortable yet stylish, the Raffles College of Higher Education (or in short, Raffles Singapore) campus is a place to see and be seen; to mingle and establish networks; and most importantly, to form learning communities. Presenting a chic and contemporary design that appeals to the student population of today, its spacious layout aims to invite students to gather as well as to provide them with a creative and ideal learning environment.

Situated along Merchant Road in the historical riverside quay of Singapore, the campus occupies an area of over 7,000 square metres and consists of seminar rooms, classrooms, workshops, studios, a library and laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and technological applications to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for students.

51 Merchant Road, Singapore 058283
Category Institutional
Year 2013
Size 7,200sqm
Connection: Public spaces throughout the institution are all about mobility and connecting people.
Communion: Bright and inviting, the design intent of the public space is to inspire get-togethers and group interactions.
Communication: You know design has achieved humane-ness when it has successfully entice social interaction and encouraged human connection.

Embracing social dynamics through design

The overall interior design brings together distinctive and disparate elements as a cohesive whole, which reflects the individuality and spontaneous creative energies of the student and faculty population. Natural daylight and break out spaces were also designed at the main thoroughfare that links different campus blocks at street level.

The campus also presents a key collaborative space, “The Raffles Connexion”. Here, students mingle and establish networks with their peers from an international community in a comfortable and stylish environment. The library is also set up in various configurations to facilitate different user groups, resulting in a dynamic atmosphere for creativity to flourish.

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