Cinemaxx Palembang Icon

Set apart: A cinema unlike any other

It has to be differentiated and it has to elevate consumer experience – these were two key requirements of the design brief for the first flagship cinema in Indonesia, Cinemaxx Palembang Icon. Thus, in achieving the demands of the brief, we took a two-prong approach: integration and exclusivity.

Firstly, unlike its contemporaries, Cinemaxx Palembang Icon offers more than just the conventional movie entertainment. The flagship cinema boasts of entertainment within its premises. This includes a café, a bookstore and a games room.


An elevated experience

Then, using an interior concept that focused on enhancing the moviegoer’s experience by utilising state-of-the-art technology coupled with first-class amenities, we delivered an elevated user experience. This is evident right from the main lobby of the Cinemaxx Palembang Icon where we created a cinematic experience within the public space of the cinema.

Category Retail | Sports, Community & Recreation
Year 2014
Size 4,240sqm
The main lobby is dominated by an interactive media wall spanning more than 3.8m by 2.3m, showcasing compelling movie content designed to generate visual interest and excitement.
Indirect lighting is intentionally used throughout the majority of the premises in the form of recessed lighting and backlighting, which wash across the finishes to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.
Designed with richness and comfort in mind, the Cinemaxx experience is all about luxurious entertainment.

Evoking exclusivity

Grandly framed by a stainless-steel portal that evokes a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere, the entrance also evokes a sense of exclusivity. This, moviegoers will feel as soon as they step into the plush environment of the main cinema lobby.

Together with two other sites in Jakarta, one each in Manado, Ponorogo, Bali and Medan, the chain targets to set up a 2,000-screen network of theatres spanning 300 locations and 85 cities across the country by 2024.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.