The modern workplace is changing rapidly and is transforming to become more flexible, agile, mobile, and even playful. Offices now need to be designed for an innovation-led economy, where a diversity of spaces within the development can be created to foster social interaction, inspiration, creativity, collaboration and improve overall efficiency. This is to cater to an agile and collaborative workforce on its way to greater innovation.

Commercial buildings and office spaces need to evolve for the future in line with changing user requirements and lifestyle needs, such as the need for common areas like cafes, staff cafeterias, cosy meeting rooms and conference rooms, places to relax and hang out, places to interact with colleagues and friends, collaborative spaces where people can work on-the-go, and access to nature and outdoor spaces.

On top of creative working environments, there are new business models and concepts to consider that take advantage of the rise in entrepreneurship and breakdown of the traditional office model, to appeal to how younger employees and entrepreneurs wish to work. These include co-working spaces with shared facilities that allow start-ups with complementary services and offerings to rent a space together and benefit, or co-working spaces equipped with technology to allow flexibility in where you work. Our track record includes the planning and building design of high-rise office towers, mixed-use complexes with offices, and industrial and technology parks. With 50 years of experience as one of the largest architectural practices in the world, we have expertise in designing many business and industrial developments which are highly sensitive and responsive to its context.


Area: 93,500sqm
Year of Completion: 2009
Location: Singapore