Mixed Use

With greater emphasis on the quality of civic life, designers are tasked with redefining urban spaces in more dynamic, inhabitable and sustainable ways. DP's work in the mixed-use typology exemplifies the firm’s commitment towards enhancing cityscapes, by creating destinations that serve as strong social centres with opportunities for human interaction within the urban fabric. Whether a single mixed-use block or a zoned network of buildings and spaces that cater to various aspects of urban life, DP places a strong emphasis on understanding local conditions and addressing the different requirements and overlapping needs of various groups to reinvent urban spaces as vibrant destinations sensitive to the landscape and context.

A pioneer in this typology, DP is the firm behind the first mixed-use development in Singapore, People’s Park Complex. Since then, DP has continued to lead in this evolving and complex typology, successfully bringing together distinct programmes in a single destination, consistent to the motto of ‘Live, Work, Play’, to satisfy the needs of modern lifestyles. Programmes are planned to generate synergetic relationships, engaging users and vitalising the development. In large-scale developments, intersections, connecting spaces and circulation paths function as streetscapes to support the key programmes, infused with greenery and choreographed to invite exploration and allow various groups to flow between the various zones with great ease and opportunity within the integrated development.